Podcast: Leadership Versus Management

Leadership Versus Management… what is the difference between leadership and management and can we be good at one and not the other? It times of natural disasters and major challenges ‘Leadership’ is always under the spotlight, and rightly so, because it is in these times a country, or a community, needs a strong leader to […]

Nothing works like networking

Nothing works like Networking julie cross

  As described in the dictionary a network is an arrangement or pattern of intersecting lines, so if we talk about networking with people perhaps it could be described as utilising the arrangement and pattern of intersecting lives! Welcome to your network. Effective networking has been and still continues to be an essential ingredient in business and personal […]

Podcast: Service, service, service!! What happened to service??

Service, service, service!! What happened to service?? I hear business’s complaining about business… blaming on line shopping… well how about we get back into our circle of influence, control what we can and lift our standard of service and get back to connecting with our customers! My little rant on that!   Subscribe to the […]

Podcast: My Sparkle is Alive

      My Sparkle is Alive The most famous line of the song and the one that is most often quoted. And rightly so because this is where it all starts. Let’s explore again relationship we have with ourselves… because that is the foundation of all other relationships. Our mental and emotional health depend […]

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