Do you give standing ovations?

I am always very grateful yesterday when I receive a standing ovation, and as anybody knows that works from a stage, they are the ultimate affirmation and appreciation for what you do and, in Australia for sure, they can be hard to come by, and not always because they weren’t deserved.

I was at a Ball once and they had this incredible magic/dance act and afterwards in a sea of 1000 people I stood up… My table then did but few others and I remember thinking, “Geez, what does it take to impress these people?”

Sometimes ovations are deserved and not given simply because nobody wants to go first, nobody has the courage to be the leader, to be the one that stands out from the crowd, and then once that first courageous person stands up…others follow.

We have many opportunities to give standing ovations to people every day… Stand out customer service, a teacher doing a great job, a stranger that was helpful or kind.

So let’s show a little courage, make our footprints in people’s hearts and lives and give each other ‘standing ovations’ when deserved.

Thank you to all those that had the courage to stand up for me as I know you will be doing the same for many others too!

They say that whatever behaviour you focus on expands, so let’s find opportunities to focus on and celebrate all of the good that other people do so we get more of it.

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