The Sushi Train Show

Well have I got a service experience to share with you!
I walk into ‘The Sushi Train’ a Murrumba Downs thinking I was just going to get a quick bite to eat before my next appointment but I got so much more than that… I got a SHOW and I was made to feel like the star ( as was every other customer! )
I was greeted with an enthusiastic group shout out as a ‘Welcome’ as soon as I entered the restaurant… then a waitress enthusiastically ran… yes ran towards me to welcome me to a seat and make me comfortable… no habitual and routine here…
I was then looking at the dishes on the train and Wayne (pictured), helped me select a dish … he then suggested I try the seared salmon he was freshly preparing right there in front of me… and of course I did… as soon as you add more of you by personally recommending I am inspired to buy!
I then delighted in the atmosphere as I watched and listened to every customer being greeted and farewelled by the whole team… when somebody ordered something specific the team celebrated the order…
What a delightful experience… not only was the food fabulous the SHOW was fantastic!
Service at its best… very much with a ‘Fish Philosophy’ feeling for those that have read the book!
A great example of adding more of you into all that you do and standing out from the crowd… and in this case… the ‘Sushi Train’ crowd!

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