New Adults Only Show – Julie Cross Unplugged

We have done the ‘Mothers and Daughters SHOW’… the ‘Family Concert’ and the ‘Building Resilience for Teens, Tweens and Parents’ Revival is still showing in some areas, but now it is time for the first time…

The ADULTS ONLY… Julie Cross Unplugged!

We will cover topics such as relationships… the relationship you have with yourself and each other… we will dare to talk directly, passionately and with a whole lot of humour on the side… it is an event nurturing your emotional strength and health by inviting you too see the light through the dark.

We will dive into the heavy side of life and then leap out to the lighter side of love, loss, parenting and autism…

I will be sharing the stories that haven’t yet been told while revisiting some of those classics… we may go to the edge of political correctness and flirt with the odd ‘naughty’ word… my aim is never to be crass but to be honest free from concern of offending those to young for the concepts, or those that look for opportunities to be offended.

You will be invited to take yourself a whole lot less seriously and be reminded that we can find humour in all kinds of places…

Looking forward to seeing you… and if you have a question you want to ask, to seek my opinion on an issue or perhaps just want to see me dance…lol… well she is unplugged… I promise I won’t be baring all physically…lol… but daring to bare it emotionally.


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Julie Cross Unplugged! Adults Only

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