Living Your Big Blockbuster Life!

I was watching the movie ‘Red Dog’ on a plane once. A guy was sitting next to me that I didn’t know but he noticed I was watching it. I laughed (roared laughing) and then I cried (sobbed, snorted, that kind of cry) and then I did both together.
When the Movie finished he looked at me and said, “Well how was that?”
I said, well what do you think?
He said, “Well, when I heard your amazing big laugh I thought I wonder how she cries and you did that as passionate and as loudly as your laugh!”
So, I reckon I live my life like I watch and appreciate and get involved in a movie. I live and experience the joy loudly and passionately, but I also feel the pain just as loudly and passionately. I am not ‘flat lining’ through life.
My troughs of pain, of grief and of sadness or disappointment propel me to the opposite and the peak of excitement, joy, love, lust, hope and fun. When the pain is there I do it and feel it and then when the joy is there I do it and feel it…
Movies, books, people, songs, speakers and entertainers that we love and are passionate about take us on a journey through our emotions and so does a rich, full, passionate big blockbuster kind of life and I think that is the kind of life I am living…
You can’t do the Ying without the Yang, life without death, happiness without sadness, you need bad times to appreciate the good times, you need to be vulnerable sometimes to understand and know courage… and if you want the tide to come in, then it needs to go out!
If you want a Summer then we need to do a Winter… So, don’t be afraid to do your pain, don’t be afraid to show it and live it. It is as much as who you are as the joy and laughter.
If we were all honest we would admit that we are not interested in reading a book or listening to somebody who ‘pretends’ it is always perfect.
The adversity and the triumph the laughter with the tears is what makes it all so entertaining, so feeling so ALIVE!
So, go live your life happy, sad, loud and proud but most of all live it truthfully!

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