Surrendering to the ‘heaviness’

It is probably a surprise to you but sometimes I wake up and find it hard to find anything inspirational to say… the year has started off… well it feels a bit heavy… bushfires, coronavirus and then for me there is helping Thomas with #thomaskentcan… and then the time and energy around cleaning up and sorting out a property that has been trashed by tenants… but hey at least I still have a house eh… anyway… we have these times when life feels heavy… and then I notice that I start saying to myself…

Me: “I have to write something inspirational on social media… do something… you know what they say, you have to keep creating content… keep the momentum up… come on, say something…”

And I start to feel pressure and then…

Universe: ‘Julie, just stop a minute, you know it is totally OK to retreat, it is OK to let it go, surrender to the ‘heaviness’ for a while. You really are NOT that important you know… lol… the world will keep working fine while you fill yourself up, because you ARE that important (and that is the dichotomy), and the world needs the filled up version of you… so have nothing to say for a while, this is OK, and this is feeling the signs and then taking action to take care of your own emotional and mental health. You decide what causes you stress, you decide what is most important to you right now… you decide, and then it will all working out perfectly’.

Me: ‘And I breathe out and that feels better. Clever Universe’

Seems I found a lot to say about having nothing to say… that is what happens when you give the Universe some space to show up I guess. Love you all.

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