Shout Out – Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival 2019

Shout out about it!

A big shout out to the organisers of the Moreton Bay Food and Wine … its second year here on the waterfront in Redcliffe, just up the road from me.

What a wonderful events it was… with the water in the background, the sun above the scene was set…

julie cross moreton bay food and wine festival 2019

There were cooking shows, food tasting, wine tasting and there were food trucks, teepee tents on the beach… there was live music, pop up cocktail bars, buskers and street entertainment… there were extra events like the long dinner down Bee Gees Way… so it was a great weekend… and I know it will get better each year..

And yet I am always amazed on the community pages and on some of the letters to the editor and on social media how many bloody wingers there are! Whinging about bloody everything… finding things to be annoyed about… to much sun, to much fun, to much noise, to many people, not enough people, to windy… blah blah blah…

Now I am not saying that you don’t give constructive criticism, that is how they will get better…. we have some of that feedback… however that is very different to being a whiner and winger about everything… and what these people haven’t learnt yet is that what you project into life will be what you get back… that will be your experience… so if you go through life looking for everything that is wrong then that is what your experience of life will be… and do you really want to live a life like that?

Life is so rich full of wonderful experiences for you to dive into, really live and breathe… so look for all the things that are good and you will find more… look for all of the joy and you will find more, look for love and you will find more, notice and give gratitude for all that is good and all that is good will find you!

It’s an attitude of gratitude and it will serve you well.

I am grateful for all of those people who set up and took down tents, that hauled all their products in and all the entertainers and workers etc etc etc…. thank you for a great weekend. #MBF&W #moretonbayfoodandwine #tastemoretonbay


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