Praise and Promote: Legacy Week

It’s a shout out… a praise and promote…


This week is Legacy Week… as many of you know Legacy has been a great support to me over the years. Thomas has had the opportunity to go on Legacy Camps, giving him valuable time with other children, being independent and so giving Jack and I valuable time together. Through Legacy I have met other women and men in the same position as us and we have supported each other and bonded through our stories.


You may have seen some of our Soldiers out in shopping Centres with volunteers selling Legacy Badges this week… well they were out in my local shopping centre at Bluewater Square and I saw this young man go way beyond just selling a badge.


You see this elderly lady was finding it hard to negotiate carrying her shopping to the carpark while using her walking stick, so this young man sprang to attention and was immediately on duty carrying her shopping for her. He even waited for her while she was at the chemist and then helped her to the car.

Legacy is such a wonderful cause, supporting the families of our defence personnel… and our defence force is filled with amazing young men and women like this young man giving back to the same community that gives to and supports Legacy… the focus is on protecting and caring for… and it was in action on stage right here today for all to see.


There are so many good people in our communities.


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