Reflection and Recollection


Having recently celebrated Australia Day, I was having some reflection and recollection about adventures had and lessons learnt…

So, just wanted share this. When we did the 3 Capes Walk in Tasmania… such a stunning part of our beautiful country… well one of the wonderful parts of the walk was the resting spots along the way. Each with their own story and message for you to sit with, and then choose to take with you.

My favourite, without a doubt was this one… ‘Messy is Good!’… and it is!

You see when the English arrived they thought our landscape was way to ‘messy’… it wasn’t like their oak and elm in undulating grassy areas… oh yes, our ‘messy’ bush was so unsightly…

Haha… but you see messy is good and this seat gives you a moment to reflect on how our great Australian bush depends on messy to survive… the messy leaves on the ground have their job, our straggly canopy knows exactly what it’s job is and perhaps you need to curb your desire to have everything looking so lined up and perfect … why… because messy is good!

The message at this seat is that a messy Australian Bush is a healthy Australian bush… and can I just tell you I think that is a great analogy for life.

Life is messy, love is messy, relationships are messy, success is messy, parenthood is messy!!

And what we learn is that a messy forest is a healthy forest. Well dare I say .. a messy life is healthy life!!

So based on that I have a very freaking healthy Australian life because it is so damned Australian messy!!

I love you Australia… thanks for the love and the lessons!

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