[PODCAST] Book Review: Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu.

Book Review: Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu.

Sometimes you really need to just surrender.

The key is to knowing when.

This is one of the books that constantly inspires me to find the balance between BEing and DOing.

Do Less Achieve More


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Book cover for Do Less Achieve More:

For anyone tired of chasing ever–elusive desires, of doing more only to find that more needs doing, and of making more money only to need more money, best–selling author Chin–Ning Chu shows you that life was meant to be easy, if you know the secrets.

From the best–selling author of The Working Woman’s Art of War, comes an important and timely book about the side of success that most don’t know about 注e power of selective yielding, of surrendering to a successful destiny, and of getting what you want by not wanting it too much.

Using Carl Jung’s famous parable of the rainmaker as a framework, Chin–Ning Chu explains universal truths about the nature of effort, success, willpower, detachment, “creating luck,” and more. Illustrating the four “secrets of the rainmaker” with rich anecdotes from history, personal experience, and popular culture, Ching–Ning explains how to create success by attaining inner harmony, how to partner effort with ease, how to make peace with time, and how to stop reacting and start restfully controlling the events of your life.

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