Loving with Autism Update: Dreaming Big

A few weeks into #thomaskent can and we have been busy washing dogs, walking dogs, washing dogs, sitting houses, cleaning houses, washing houses… mowing lawns, making gardens, weeding gardens…

Thomas is paying tor his own petrol, insurance and buys his own clothes and often his groceries… he doesn’t pay board just yet ?

And so in true Julie style we are just busy in it, and I was not really focussed on the economic return… just so grateful for the mental and emotional return and celebrating his growing confidence and self-esteem…

So, the other day I ask Thomas, ‘How much money do you have in the bank?’

He replied, with a huge smile, ‘$1000.00!…. ‘, and then he said…’I have a dream in my head to save my money and buy my own house one day!’

And that is the gift in all if this… thank you for your support and for empowering Thomas to look into the mirror and see more than the label of Autism and to believe his dreams are possible!

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