Give yourself some loving this morning!

I know I have a simple approach… and I really do believe so many ‘issues’ would be solved if we loved ourselves enough… when we loved ourselves enough we didn’t starve our bodies, when we loved ourselves enough we didn’t overeat and burden our bodies, we love ourselves, why would we do that, we would look after ourselves and exercise, when we loved ourselves enough we knew we could ask for what we want and dream big and know that we deserved it, we didn’t know the fear of failure because we knew what we thought of ourselves was far more important than what other thought of us.

When we loved ourselves enough we taught people how to treat us and we accepted nothing less, we didn’t have to desperately hang on to negative relationships or situations because we knew our worth and it was within ourselves not out there. When we loved ourselves enough as a teenager we said no to that boy without the fear of rejection or as adults we said yes to that beautiful relationship that was too good to be true, because we knew we deserved it.

When we loved ourselves enough we spent time on what was really important sometimes risking time spent on the accumulation of more stuff, money or titles…but we knew we were more than our stuff and that is not what really fills us up. When we loved ourselves enough we knew we did not have to ‘take’ from anybody else to fill ourselves up and we couldn’t be bullied by anybody because we knew we could walk away and we knew ‘self-esteem’ means located withing oneself and not in the opinions of others.

When we loved ourselves enough we took time for ourselves to care for and look after and nurture us, sometimes at the risk of hurting others or appearing selfish, but we knew that was ok. Because some of the most exhausting people to be around our those who have little self regard… they need constant reassurance, they often find it hard to freely give love, support, compliments, praise and respect… because if you can’t give it to yourself then how on earth can you give it freely to anybody else… so it is more selfish NOT to love yourself up and expect everybody else to do it for you… and in the end nobody can EVER love you enough to make up for you not loving yourself!

So, go love yourself up this morning…. you are worth it, you are loveable! And you are doing a service to the world in knowing so!! 🙂

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