Ask Julie: Married at First Sight 2019


What is going on???

Everywhere I look it is about, which means it is having influence… when we are influencing people we are forming and shaping them, their values and their attitudes… when we allow ourselves to be exposed to this we are being subconsciously manipulated… and apparently we don’t even see it coming.

What is the benefit of a program like this???

Is this a guide to good relationship practice? Please!

Is this purely entertainment??

So we have got to a place where setting people up to be nasty to each other, to perform at their worst, to show the ugly side to human nature to encourage a community on social media platforms to share their hatred, and contempt for the ‘characters’ (real people under their somewhere), so this is what we love for entertainment and what gets peoples attention, gets everybody watching, is what will make you famous, get you ‘ratings’ and likes, because heaven forbid you were nice, normal and boring….

What is the example we are setting for young people…success (defined as fame), comes quickest when you are fake, nasty and stir the pot… never mind about all the hate you will attract from everybody… as long as they are following you on insta anyway you are winning…

Because as we keep sharing and watching and commenting on the negative and make it the best rating show on telly… well they will keep doing it…

Then the next day we get up and get so surprised at how nasty our young girls can be to each other, so surprised at the bullying, the lack of self image, and self respect, we get so surprised when, that in the end when these people realise they, in fact, can’t cope with all the terrible comments that were directed their way via social media platforms on the way to them getting that acting contract (see that must work, she is going to the states to work)… so when they start going to bed at night and crying themselves to sleep behind closed doors…. and then one day realising it wasn’t all worth it, maybe make a more drastic decision or get emotionally sick, then we will all do another ‘everybody should be kind’ post of FB… and then get out popcorn and sit with our children, in some cases and turn the TV on to watch another top rating reality ( and if this is our reality we are in trouble), TV show that has us focussing on the worst of each other… and it’s such great Entertainment… ???

Anyway, I just think it is sometimes good for us to reflect on what it says about us individually us collectively as a society that this kind of TV is so popular… just because it feels some kind of good for a little while doesn’t make it good for us.

And I purposely waited till the end of the show so nobody could go and start tuning in as a result of this post ?

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