Happy 2019!

We see some people say, ‘Good Riddance 2018’… or ‘Glad that year is over’… or ‘2019 is going to be my year’… well I never want to wish years away because that is life, and I am not sure if it will be ‘MY’ year with so many others wanting it to be theirs but what I do know is this…

I am predicting it will be a year of good times and some bad times… of highs and lows, of happiness and sadness, because sometimes life hurts a little and sometimes a lot… I predict their will be moments that will bring you to your knees and others that lift you to great heights… I am betting their will be news events that will have us shedding a tear asking ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and other news stories that restore our faith in human nature… I am thinking that the tide will still go in and come out the sun will shine and the moon will rise… I am thinking that their will be times of not enough rain and times of too much rain, and we will talk a lot about that, their will be loss and deep grief and then new lives celebrated and begun.

There will be beginnings and endings, and this today is a day to begin again and know that no matter the year we have had, good or bad, that we have been gifted with another one to go again! And life will do what life does and we have the power to decide how to live it, love it, ride it and find happiness in it!

Life is what life is, and life will go on and do what it does and we are the ones who decide see the gifts in the challenges, gain perspective from the bad and sad times… and then we can decide to live with joy, awe, wonder and delight in every moment we get the chance to stand another day on this earth and wake up with the gift of another year stretching before us.

Here is to us all making the most of the gift of 2019, and remember we are all in this together and we are not getting out alive! So let’s go for it!

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