Back Pain

Hi there, Julie Cross here. And no, Julie Cross hasn’t started to do cooking shows. However, I was in the kitchen getting myself lunch, which I’m having some salmon and salad for lunch, and then I started thinking about, you know, that it’s just really not that hard to be healthy and look after ourselves. I mean this stuff is readily available to us at the supermarket. You know, we just walk down the road and it’s there. So, then I started thinking about this news report and you know how my little mind goes.

And then I started getting a little bit hyped up about this particular report that I heard. And, it’s again, about our health. And this particular report was done by Monash University, where they had done this big research study to discover that Australians are spending billions of dollars unnecessarily on pills to help our back pain. Medication to help our back pain. Tests, unnecessarily, MRIs, et cetera, they’re unnecessary tests, and that we shouldn’t be, in fact, having. When what, all we needed to do, was be given some modified exercises to do to strengthen our backs.

Now I know this isn’t everybody, and I know some people, it’s gonna come a disclaimer, some people need the medication. So this isn’t for you, for those people. But we have lots and lots of people who don’t need the medication, who just needed to exercise. And be given opportunities to do modified exercises to strengthen their backs and there would be no back pain. Now this isn’t me saying this, this is we’ve spent millions of dollars at Monash University to discover, yet again, that some exercise, and having healthy, is what we need to do.

And we don’t need to keep popping the pills, but you see, unfortunately, it seems us humans, you give us a choice between popping a pill and thinking it’s gonna be instant fix, and actually having to go and make a commitment to doing something good for yourself, and then they, give me, give me the pill. Give me the fast fix. I don’t want to, I don’t want to have to do any exercise.

You know, so what are we doing? Like, what are we doing? And why are we getting, then they went onto say that Monash University is asking for more money, more donations so that they can keep doing more research to discover that exercise and healthy eating is good for us! Like how many more times do we need the research to tell us what we already know? How much more money are we gonna spend
on doing more research to find out what we already know? We know that lettuce is better for us than McDonald’s. Do we need more education on that? Because I love this line, we just need to educate people more.

So do we yet now know that lettuce and cucumber is probably better for you than a McDonald’s Big Mac? Consider yourself educated, everybody. And do we now know that exercise is a good thing for you? And if it has to be modified for you to strengthen your back then do modified exercise, but do we know that now? Do we need anymore studies on that? Have we got enough data on that now? That we know that that is the case. And if so, when are we gonna take personal responsibility for it and stop spending our money on research
that discovers and keeps telling us what we already knew anyway? I don’t know!

Am I the only one that gets frustrated by this? Because, come on, it’s our bodies, it’s our life. Let us start looking after ourselves. And so, just by the way, so what I do, is a little bit of cucumber, some nice avocado, a bit of salmon, seared on skin there to crispen it up. A bit of salt and pepper, throw on a little bit of dressing, voila! Healthy lunch!

Nice to see you. Look after yourself. Lift yourself up, you deserve it. You deserve it. Take care of those backs. Okay, see ya.

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