Message from the Universe: Intuition

So, I had a moment and a story popped into my head so of course I will share…

Was doing a jigsaw… a wonderful mindfulness activity instead of watching some of that nasty reality TV that we are being bombarded with… just saying…

Anyway, we had just done the border of the jigsaw and not much more… I was looking at a sea of 1000 pieces before me and then suddenly I looked at this piece and I just knew exactly where it went… I picked it up, walked over and just put it in exactly the right spot… it was like a moment of divine intervention and the onlookers were shocked… lol

And then the Universe whispered, “You know you humans underestimate your ability all the time to know intuitively how to put together exactly and easily the pieces of your life to create the most magnificent pictures.”

You just need to let go of all the thinking at times, find the meditative experience of letting the intuition take over and take you from the fight into the flow… and sometimes something as simple as doing a jigsaw will teach the messages and take you there… and the onlookers will be amazed. 

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