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A better feeling place is just a different ‘thought’ away

Usually at this time of the year I am off doing a hike or some kind of adventure in nature… we have done the ‘3 Capes Trek‘ in Tasmania, the ‘Great Ocean Road Walk‘ in Victoria, the adventure that is ‘Hinchinbrook Island’ in Queensland and last year we did a 3 day horse ride in the Snowy Mountains… so this year, I am at home helping Thomas with his business

So yesterday we were delivering magnetic calendars for a real estate agent… letter box drop… the first time Thomas had done it so I tagged along…

And suddenly in my mind I am thinking, well I may not be doing my usual hike, but here I am with some weight in my back pack, walking through this lovely suburb in Brisbane with beautiful gardens, the Ponsiana Trees are in full bloom leaving a red carpet for welcome, the wildlife was abundant… cute little puppies greeting us 😉… there were friendly locals and lovely house formations to admire 😉 and it was a beautiful day for walking and I was grateful to be sharing it with my boy and creating something great with him…

You see, a better feeling place is just a different ‘thought’ away… a change in thinking, re framing causes a change of perception and a lift in your mood and energy… just requires a little discipline is all.

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