Julie Cross is not just a speaker. She's an inspirational entertainer, a trainer and an experienced master of ceremonies. Her commitment is to empower, energise and entertain her audiences, and she has solid reputation built on delivery. Julie has spoken to audiences large and small, across a range of industries, including some of the world's biggest brands.

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Julie Cross, by her own admission, is not your "run-of-the-mill-professional-speaker." In fact, Julie jokes that she prefers the title "passionate speaker", and that's what makes her so memorable and her presentations so powerful and life-changing. An experienced speaker with 17 years under her belt empowering, educating, energising and entertaining, Julie has an innate ability to connect with her audience.

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Take Julie Anywhere!

Due to overwhelming demand, her popular and inspiring live show is now an online program.

Recharge your Sparkle covers all 5 lines of her song in more detail as well as daily tasks to help build up your emotional strength and mental fitness. Some action is required! 



Introducing the Book!

Julie's book, "Just Who Does She Think She Is", is now available. Find out more...

Feeling for my fellow humans

Feeling for my fellow humans

  Feeling for my fellow humans… Empathy for everybody going through some big challenges… especially my friends in Townsville right now! She gets a little emotional! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here or Spotify

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