WTF Wednesday: Dancing is good for us?

WTF Wednesday! It is one of those stories that makes my eyes roll and I go… “Oh FFS… You are just catching on… I think we know this!”

This was on the main news bulletin… a Medical Doctor in a country town has at last discovered that dancing is good for us… good for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing… go figure eh!?

So many cultures embrace the power of dance, they dance to celebrate, to commiserate, to educate and to tell stories… and have been doing so for hundreds and hundreds of years… Dr Brene Brown talks about the power of dance… to access the fearlessness of just feeling the music and letting yourself go…

When I was at school we did ‘Square dancing’ … I know totally uncool but you were touching each other… yes, actually dancing with somebody… and that is also powerful for connection and wellbeing… my parents took us to the country dances back then and we did the progressive waltz, the barn dance and other great dances… Know so not cool, but so important for the wellbeing of a community… they don’t have those dances anymore either…

When I travelled to America many years ago we went to the biggest honky tonk bar in Texas where country is cool and young people dance with each other… so good for the soul.

So, it may not be Friday, but don’t wait for Friday, put some music on and dance… that will be therapy right there!

This is not new information friends… let us remember what we already know and just damn well do it! It is medicine for the soul !



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