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julie cross book who does she think she is


She was a country girl and grew up in small towns like Mullet Creek… she used to perform on tank stands to pretend audiences and in primary school she got chosen to share her stories in the class room…

She didn’t finish school but she became a great student of ‘life’ and life would go on to give her many lessons. Some of them wonderful and some of them painful and so she learnt that life will hurt a little and sometimes a lot, but it can still be wonderful. She also learnt that you shine brighter when you have walked through the dark.

She also read some books that suggested that if she truly believed in herself and not what they said about her that she could achieve all kinds of dreams… with a little focus, hard work and help along the way…

And so she did and today she wonders as she holds her book… ‘Just who does she think she is!?’

I have the proof in my hand friends… you can now order online! And for those that have already ordered at my shows they will be a couple of weeks getting to me and then they are coming to you!

Just who does she think she is book.



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To those that have attended my shows, that have booked me to speak at their events and then asked for the book, well it is you that started the process by creating the demand and making the suggestion. You lift me to success everyday and invite me to stand on your shoulders to see the view.  So without you there is no book, so I thank you!

A big shout out to my social media tribe, you follow me, like me, share me, tag me and promote me… and you constantly book out my public shows, thank you so much, I love sharing my life with you and being in yours.

I would also like to acknowledge my friends and family who have supported me and cried with me in the tough times and then laughed and celebrated with me in the great times. I appreciate you all.

To my speaking colleagues, so many who have lifted me up in all kinds of ways I thank you for your support, honesty, feedback and love.

Dixie Carlton, a special thanks to you my friend, we met all those years ago at the National Speakers Conference and you expressed your belief in me and my story then, and you stayed with me on the journey and when I didn’t know the next step to take, you took my hand to lead me through the final stages of making this book a reality.

Every single person who ever expressed your belief in me, my style and my message, I send you my deepest thanks, so often I have had to borrow your belief in me when I doubted my own… you were the fuel to my fire. And to those that doubted me, that didn’t believe sequins would work and that I was ‘not ‘professional’ enough, and said behind my back, ‘I just don’t know who she thinks she is?’ Well I thank you too… because you added fuel to that fire and inspired me to shine a little brighter!

To my late husband Flash, as you left this world you took my hand and invited me on to a bigger stage in my life. I thank you for your love and belief in me while you were here and for still always showing me that you are supporting and applauding me from above.

My sons. Jack you have been my rock, you were so often the reason I got back up when I felt like I couldn’t. Thank you for growing up into the fine young man you are today and making all my parenting gaps look so good. And Thomas… oh Thomas, with Autism along for the ride you have showed me the worst of myself so that I could discover the best of myself. You teach me every day to look at the world a little bit differently. I love you both so much.

And finally to each and every person buying this book, thank you, because you are making a dream come true for this girl from Mullet Creek, I just don’t know who she thinks she is!

And I sincerely hope that when you feel, read and apply what I share in the book, you too can make your dreams come true. You deserve it!



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