‘The Universe Will Provide!’


There is so many great moments where I believe I have created and manifested opportunities, people, miracles and amazing moments by consciously choosing to do so… I have spent years reading and studying books such as ‘Psycho-cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz, ‘Teachings of Abraham’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks, ‘Synchro Destiny’ by Deepak Chopra and then ‘The unmistakable touch of Grace’ by Cheryl Richardson… all of these books showing and encouraging us to tap into the power beyond our limited thinking and using our ‘feeling’ and energy to create what we want…

And more recently the wonderful books by Pam Grout… ‘E-Squared’ and ‘E-Cubed’… where she outlines her manifestation principles and then gives you exercises to put it into action by setting you a challenge, a way to strengthen your manifestation muscles and your belief…

I have felt like my muscles were getting a little weak and sloppy so am re reading these books and doing the exercises…I was having a conversation with my guy about these principles and concepts, tell ing him how life really is a big supermarket and we can go shopping and purchase whatever we like with our thoughts and energy and beliefs… I then was telling him how my belief that the universe that I am supported has always been affirmed through Angels showing up in my life via feathers and signs my hubby is still supporting and watching over me from above.

So after that conversation yesterday my challenge from the books was to manifest a list of things, one of those things was a sign or billboard with a direct message for you… and I do believe this was indeed it! ? Yes, indeed, my husband has a direct contact with the powers of the universe these days and we really can ‘buy’ whatever experiences and stuff we want! ?

In my Adult Only SHOWS one of the things I talk about is how our energy attracts our experience and why laughter is so important in lifting our energy!




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