The Gift of a Brand New Year

So, the end of another year and we are about to be presented with a whole new one…what a gift!  Perhaps living a year is a little like playing ‘Pass the Parcel”. We are given 365 days wrapped up; we get the chance every morning to un-wrap a layer, a brand new day!

 Some days will have obvious gifts that we like instantly, a beautiful sunrise, a hug from our children, and a loving moment with our partner.

Other days we may unwrap the booby prize where we have to work a little harder to see the good and the gift  in the day… and then sometimes the gift is just in the unwrapping, and that we are here to do the unwrapping!

 And then we get to the end of the year and today we have unwrapped the final gift in the middle, and perhaps this is the gift of having REALLY lived a whole year, a year filled with amazing prizes disguised as precious moments on some days and then on others some challenging booby prizes and sometimes just a usual run of the mill kind of day but then… the opportunity to wake up in the morning and start unwrapping a whole new year all over again.

I think I am about to burst with excitement… reflecting back over all of this year’s gifts that I have unwrapped… the good ones the bad and the ones that were just plain bad taste… I am grateful to have lived and unwrapped this year one day at a time and I am excited about the next!

So remember that every day that you get up, it is a gift and delight in the opportunity to unwrap it, notice the gifts in the day and know that sometimes you may have to look a little harder to find them  and that fun can still be found in the booby prize!

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