Spread Your Wings and Be Who You Are

You are invited to live your life in full flight… to take up all the space you need to spread your wings and truly be who you are.

We do that when we are 2… we take up all our space. We dance when we feel like dancing, we ask for what we want filled with expectation of receiving it. We laugh loudly and move through rejection, challenges and grief with a knowing that… well that is life and we can handle it.

Then we are taught to sit nicely… follow the crowd, don’t be to loud and then we seem to give what we consider ‘polite’ and ‘professional’ behaviour points over being ‘passionate’, ‘purposeful’, and plain old ‘honest’ behaviour.

And then we wake up one day and wonder who we are and where we went and exactly when we left.

I remember ‘toning’ myself and my personality down for years, fearing I was too loud, too happy, too uncool… on first dates when I laughed I so often saw the guy cower and look around to see who was looking… on my first date with Flash I laughed and he looked around proudly as if to say, ‘That’s MY girl!’… and then I knew he was my guy. I was always invited to be the truest version of myself around him.

There is enough space for all of us to take up the space we were meant to stand in. Playing small doesn’t serve this world, have to courage to spread your wings and take up all the space you need… x

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