Loving with Autism Update: He Will Always Be My Boy

No matter how big he gets, no matter how many times he calls me a big penis, cusses and swears… no matter how many times he throws shit or breaks a window or a wall… no matter how many times I have had to walk away and out the door to cope… no matter about all of that… he will always be my boy… one of my gorgeous boys… and no matter how big he gets I will always be there and will always walk back through the door knowing that for all the worst of times there will be the best of times.

For all the broken windows you do there will one day be views to enjoy. For all the swearing you endure there will be moments that make you laugh so hard.

And for all the pain you feel there will also be absolute joy!

And for all the times you thought the devil had moved in… well you look at him asleep and you see the Angel has always been there! 

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