Was listening to a conversation the other day about the lack of resilience in our young people… and then I thought about that.. if that is so.. who should be taking responsibility for that? Perhaps a lot of it falls on our shoulders as parents??

Resilience is not something that you can buy them and wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree at 18. It doesn’t just fall on you when you wake up in the morning at 18… it is something you nurture and develop from within and we can only become resilient by experiencing situations that call on it!!

So, in ‘saving’ our children from ‘mistakes’, ‘failure’, ‘disappointment’, ’embarrassment’, ‘negativity’… perhaps we are stunting the development of resilience…. I believe we are preparing them for adulthood not protecting them from it…. and sometimes I forget too… please don’t think when I post this stuff I have it all together.. I am just working on it like everybody else!

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