The Balance of BEing and DOing

I believe one of the greatest gifts I received from the most challenging years of my life was surrendering to the Universe and ‘leaning in’… your ego is always wanting to be in control… take the ‘bull by the horns’ (sounds dangerous to me not courageous!), be ‘hard hitting’, rather than hard loving… well I think there is a more peaceful way to move through the world and sometimes we don’t get it until we have no choice but to lean in.

Well, when I was in the midst of the worst of times my ego had to take a back seat and I had to surrender, lean in to the Universe and trust my soul knew where we needed to go. In around grief, autism, trying to keep the bills paid and the family together there was no room for strategic business planning, watching and analysing other peoples journey, making comparisons and having a social media marketing plan, analysing ‘likes’, ‘shares’ or trying to make a video ‘go viral’ so I could ‘be famous’… and so there was also no room for discontent that I wasn’t achieving enough quick enough, not famous enough or not DOing enough, because you see all my energy and focus was simply taken up on BEing. Being, so I was enough to get through the day, being, so I was enough to guide my boys through grief, being, so I was enough to support Thomas through Autism… and in and around the BEing the Universe kept giving me enough stages to go on, kept supporting me to find enough money to live on and some more to play with and because I was ‘leaning in’ and surrendering there was more time for me to notice the opportunities in everyday moments that others may rush through in the pursuit of getting over there, when they forgot what they needed was right here.

When you ‘lean in’ and surrender you get to notice miracles in moments and you call them that… because you need to focus on something to give you hope… and in doing so you call forth more of those moments… I do have more space in my life now to be more strategic, have a more focused business plan, and that is also a good thing, and my ego is gets a little over excited so the challenge will always be to keep our ego in check… because the ego gets very frustrated and starts looking at what every body else is doing and the soul says, you sit back down we know what we are doing here…

And so to help me remember the balance of BEing and DOing I often look up and ask the questions from a ‘Course in Miracles’

Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say and to whom?

And then I listen and feel my way through… that intuition is such a good friend, we really should spend more time with her.

Just some stuff that came through this morning after a little meditation time … and I am a sharer  x

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