Wouldn’t you like it if everybody took more responsibility

I think we over complicate things sometimes… and sometimes it is more complicated but what about when it is not?

Maybe sometimes all we needed to do was to take a little bit of responsibility…

Because maybe we got overweight and unhealthy simply because… wait for it… we ate too much of the wrong foods and stopped exercising!

Maybe we got into to much debt and overwhelmed financially, not because it was the Governments fault but because… wait for it… we spent to much on shoes and stuff trying to keep up or feel better.

Maybe we got unfit, not because it was too hard to exercise, or there wasn’t any safe places to go for a walk or because we never had the right gear, but maybe because… wait for it… we started making excuses, we just stopped exercising and making the time.

And maybe the reason that I got reprimanded at work is… wait for it… I did the wrong then and I had a bad attitude that day.

Maybe the reason my team aren’t preforming as well as they used to is not because they have an attitude problem, but… wait for it… but because I have not been giving praise, reward and recognition and inspiring them to perform at the highest level as their leader.

And I know it is hard sometimes to sit with this, I know from experience because taking responsibility would mean owning the fact that we contributed to where we are and with that may come some embarrassment and shame, and that is no fun….

BUT on the other side of that is the wonderful empowering feeling of knowing that, starting today we can make different choices and create a different, better outcome and grow through it.

You do not need to beat yourself up and hate yourself, you simply tripped up is all… we all do, but the only way we can get back up is to own it and get back up, nobody can do that for us, and if we just sit and wait for somebody to save us… well we could be waiting for a very long time and this is our LIFE we are talking about here….

Let’s do this.

motivational speaker julie cross

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