What your actions say about how you feel

Put your shopping trolleys back, (don’t leave them in the car park blocking parks…seriously!)

Don’t let your paper towel fall on the floor in the public toilet, (put in in the bloody bin and if there is no room, make room)

Help the elderly lady that is struggling with her groceries ( that could be your wife/daughter one day, how would you like people to treat her)

Offer empathy and concern to the mother with the screaming toddler on the plane instead of condemnation and judgement ( Geez, do you think she is having fun!)

…it all matters and your actions are always telling the world who you are and how you feel about you…. and remember… I give and I receive… so check what you are giving! What flows from you flows to you!

And I will say it again… our actions so often reveal how we really feel about ourselves.

When we respect ourselves we project that same respect into the world and the people around us.

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