Praise and Promote! Molly & Rose

Praise and Promote!Meet Kayla … Kayla works at a lovely shop called Molly & Rose in Redcliffe.

We walk in and we were greeted with a bright and enthusiastic welcome as she added her knowledge to all of the items I was looking at… passionate, enthusiastic and owning her stage…

We commented on what a beautiful day it was as I made my purchases ( I was inspired to buy something through her connection with me)… she then went on to say that her garden was loving this weather and in fact she had brought in a basket of home grown passion fruit to share with the customers!

So you see… Kayla found a way to add more of ‘her’ into her service to her customers creating a unique connection… and she picked the perfect fruit… passion fruit to compliment her passion-ate approach!

Great job! This girl will go places and have fun on the way!

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