Own the stage you are on right now

No matter where we are right now, this is the stage you need to be on to get where we are going… so own it!

A discussion I had with my then 16 year old when he asked, “Why would you do that if you are not getting paid for it?”

Ahhh Jacko, I am glad you asked… and I went on to explain the laws of, As you sow so shall you reap!” You see I don’t disagree with all these laws and rules around employees being respected and looked after BUT it does seem we are creating a generation that will only do what they are paid for and no more and then think they are winning!

Well, my thought is that they may be gaining a few dollars for being paid for every second but they are losing the ability to think beyond that and achieve bigger dreams. You see the real rewards from the Universe come when you are giving more than you are paid for and doing things out of your job description because you understand that it may not be your job, but your opportunity and you are planting seeds that will germinate and be harvested at a later date (maybe years later…I am enjoying the abundance from seeds planted 30 years ago) There are people with the attitude that goes like this.. You want me to bring a better attitude to work then pay me more…then I will get it out, I keep it in the glove box of the car!

NO, you see you bring your better attitude in, give more of yourself and THEN you get paid more…I give and I receive! Yes, I think some people are missing this… because it is over this edge of understanding… that when you do more than you are paid for one day you will be paid for more than you do… that real dreams are made and the big rewards are found!

People say I am lucky to do what I do and get paid what I do… well this started 30 years ago when I was showing up at 7am in the morning to mop the salon floor and NOT getting paid for it every time… Now, as employers when you have an employee that gives that extra, make sure you reward them so they can see and feel the law in action and always remember every day you got to work you are not just working on your job you are working on your life.

The other funny thing about life’s journey is too that it seems in the pursuit of what you really want to do in life, what really makes your heart and soul sing (and there are so many people looking for that), well in the pursuit of that, life needs to prepare you, you are like the soil that needs to be prepared, ensuring that when that seed finally is planted, when you have finally found your calling… well the soil will be so filled with rich healthy nutrients and so well toiled that the seed will germinate and grow an abundance of fruit!

So whatever work it is that you are doing now… that is the ‘work’ you need to do to make sure that when the seeds are planted they will grow healthy and strong and you will reap the rewards of a successful harvest.
Prepare the soil, sow those seeds and reap the rewards!

Not everyone will agree but it sure worked for me!



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