I find it interesting how we use the word ‘brave’!

I find it interesting how we use the word ‘brave’… I get messages saying how ‘brave’ I was. Brave for wearing a bikini to the beach, brave for dancing on FB, brave for wearing my sequins at 7.30 am in the morning at the airport…I guess I always thought ‘brave’ should be reserved for the big things in life not the little things, and if we don’t have the courage for the little things what will we do and how will we handle the big challenges that will surely come away.

Is it any wonder people haven’t got the courage to ask for the sale, handle the rejection, get up from a failure and move through mistake when they still haven’t found a comfortable place in just owning their own space?

I have woken up in my bedroom beside my husband who had, had a stroke during the night; I had to find courage to deal with that. I have walked out of a doctor’s room after my son was diagnosed with Autism, dealing with that and him and Autism has taken some courage. I have walked into a room and been told my husband had died, walking back out of that room took some courage, because I knew I had to then walk back into our lounge room and tell my boys their Daddy had died… that takes some courage to cope with and then courage to live with. And we will find that courage to walk into these ‘rooms’ of life will be more freely available to us when it comes from the foundation of knowing for sure we are good enough, and we lovingly own the space we are in… and yes that includes our bodies.

It is not brave to wear a bikini; it is simply just normal and should be considered so!

The relationship and conversations you have with yourself will affect the relationship and conversations you have with everybody else and everything else.

I know you have all been in situations where you have had to be brave and courageous so remember you have made deposits in your bravery bank and you can cash in your courage to deal with all of life challenging situations.

Let’s get this right and let’s do it now, look into yourself instead of at yourself and start loving the space you are in so that in 2019 we will have the courage to deal with the BIG stuff! The really BIG stuff!

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