New year reflections


The start of a new year always bring around some reflection about where we have been and then what we would like to have achieved bu this time next year… I am a flower not a fighter, so most of my reflections and projections aren’ about concrete goal setting as such, but I do think a lot about ‘who’ I am and who I am ‘BEing’.

So for me this year I want to go deeper, deeper within into Being everything we talk about, and to do that requires deeper reflection… let me explain…

I went and had a reflexology foot massage on the weekend, care of the physical body, and then as my feet were being massaged I focussed on gratitude for these feet of mine, I started thinking about how wonderful these feet are and how well they have served me… this photo instantly came into my mind, me as a baby on a swing, pure joy on my face and with that joy my chubby legs and little feet and stretched out in front of me ready to fly through the air and leap into life… and when I have a swing as an adult now I thin about how we still lean back into the swing and send our feet into the air to gain momentum, yes with life you sometimes have to lean into it and then leap into it.

I then think about the countries and cultures these feet have walked me through… meeting amazing people and sometimes getting a glimpse at what it is like to walk in another mans shoes…. perspective right there.

And then I think about how these feet walked me into a marriage and then allowed me to run and play with my boys… and then these feet walked me into rooms I didn’t want to go into and then when I didn’t feel like I could stand on them and take another step… well I found my feet again.

Oh, and how about all the stages these feet have walked me onto so I could share my message, deep gratitude for that.

I reflect on the hiking I have done, days of walking on these feet with a back pack on with one goal, just to put one foot in front of the other and then to do it again… there is great mindfulness and lessons in that. When my toes got blistered and I tried to walk on my heels, well the blisters showed up there too… you can’t avoid the pain, or it will show up somewhere else. And then the views that we find on the top of these hills that were so hard to walk up… well another great analogy there too… the tough walks in life will often take you to the best views, views that not everybody will get to because not everybody will be prepared to trust their feet, deal with a little pain and be prepared to take the next step even though it is tough. Oh how I love these feet of mine!

While I was having this massage it was a mixture of please and pain… there were times it felt so good and there were times I almost had to pull away because it hurt so much… and that is life isn’t it?

So, you see, some care on the outside with some deep meditative reflection all wrapped up in gratitude had me going very deep into my feet and wow wee were there some wonderful messages and motivation in that!

Can’t wait to get to the next part of my body! 

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