Moments of Reflection

Walking along the beach this morning in my own little world and having some moments of reflection… having a conversation or two in my head around a few areas of my life that I felt I needed a little more peace around…

And then I passed an older lady… she was full of energy and life and had a wonderful lightness about her and as we crossed paths she said, ‘I have been watching you walk and I have to say you have such a wonderful sparkle about you… and I don’t just mean your shirt… you just have a glow’… I thanked her so much and she then said, ‘Now you have a blessed day my dear’

And that for me is not just a random encounter… it is s moment where the universe has conspired to wrap up in some love and reassurance and in a moment of doubt the soul called forth the forces that work around us to find a way to remind me I am ok and I am doing ok. And I am indeed blessed.

So grateful this lovely lady delivered this message to me today…

Imagine how divine, blessed, joyful, hopeful and exciting life is when you see these event as ‘blessed moments’ if the universe conspiring in your favour rather than random encounters that mean nothing!

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