Be Around People Who Want To Be Around Us

When you relax into who you are and stay true, you will attract your tribe… I do what I do, say what I say and write what I write for the people who get it, and for the people it makes a difference too, not to convince those that don’t… we won’t have all of the people on our side all of the time… so what?

And when you have a strong opinion you will invite even more criticism and remember the braver you are the braver you will need to be. And sometimes people will just be nasty too. We don’t need to over analyse that either. So what? That will not stop me, I will not stop letting my light shine.

I just let them go, you don’t need to bitch about them or hate them, just lovingly let them go and get on with hanging around the people that want to be around you and that are inspired by what you do… there are a lot of people in the world you know,a lot of people who want to be around you… don’t let the one or two that don’t take you down…

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