Merry Christmas



Hey friends, it’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas.

I just wanted to come in and before I sign off for the Christmas period and say Merry Christmas, of course, you know a little reflection around Christmas.


I was thinking about it what it means to different people and we know that it means different things to all of us.

You know, some people see Christmas, for its religious messages,  others it is about the food, the gathering, getting together and celebrating with family and friends, for others it is about the present giving. And for little ones, it’s about present receiving, so lots of different things.

But one thing for sure,   it is all about love, and so as we go into the Christmas period its important to remember that. It doesn’t matter if the pork is a bit dry or you didn’t get all the food that you wanted for Christmas day because,  when we reflect, we know that there will be some people who are having trouble having any food at all on this Christmas Day.

So let us be grateful for whatever food we have on our tables.

There’s no point stressing if the pool never got cleaned well enough or the house isn’t tidy enough or you didn’t get that front yard done in time for the relatives to arrive, because then we can reflect and remember that there are some people this year who have no homes, they’ve lost their homes to bushfires.

There are still have farmers in drought  and are struggling in their homes.

Whatever our home is, we have a home and let us celebrate that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold or what the temperature is, whether it is raining or it is not quite right, because of course for some of us, as I said before with our farmers, the rain would be indeed be one of the best Christmas gifts that they could have.

So let us not focus on that.

I know that there will be some relatives that will annoy us at Christmas as we sit around the table and we all have gone through moments like that.

Let us not let that rob us of that joy for this Christmas because for sure that there will be people sitting there this year or next year missing some of those relatives who aren’t there. We’ll certainly always have, we always have that happening at our Christmas table and missing our Flash.

We don’t let it steal our moment, the moment that we’re in and we celebrate and make the most of the magic in the moment that we’re in.

Because it is the present.

The fact that we have this moment, that is the true present in the Christmas season is that we’re here to do it and fully show up for each other.

So thank you for all the gifts that you have given me throughout the year because you are the friends that just keep giving with regards to supporting me on my journey, whether it be through my speaking career, whether it be through supporting me on my journey through my grief or bringing up my boys or with Autism.

You continue to support me and make me feel like I have people on my side like I have a tribe lifted me to success and that is the greatest gift of all,   to feel like you have people around you sharing their love and support of you.

So thank you so much for that gift, I hope I’ve given you some of that to you this year.

Merry Christmas to you all enjoy this festive season, wrapping each other up in love, sparkle and joy because that’s exactly what you deserve.

And I’ll see you on the flip side.

Merry Christmas


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