Meet Joyce Dixon

I would love you to meet Joyce Dixon… now I don’t think Joyce is famous, but you don’t have to be famous to make an impact on the people and the world around you and Joyce is proof of that.

I was having my morning walk and as I walked past Joyce I noticed… well come on you know what I noticed… I noticed her walker all dressed up in flowers and then I glanced up at her and said, “Wow, look at you all dressed up and looking fabulous this morning!”… and so she said, “Well, if my flowers made you smile this morning then my work is done!”… and so of cause I had to stop and chat.

Joyce then told me how she lives with chronic pain… she needs two new knees and has a degenerative spine disorder… but she said, I still like to get out and about and my flowers remind me to look for the positives and they give me motivation to keep walking… and then she said, when they make other people smile too… well that makes me feel good! She then went on to tell me some stories about the people she had met that had stopped to chat.

In this time of ‘Social distancing’ and ‘physical separation’ there are ways to shorten the distances and create connections and we need just that more than ever.

Some of our most important work is around our we treat and connect with our fellow humans in every day interactions.

I don’t need to wait to get back to ‘work’ on my venue ‘stages’ to make a difference to a room filled with an ‘audience’… as Joyce shows… she used her stage, The Redcliffe Boardwalk… she dressed up, showed up and gave the best of herself… and made a difference to me, her audience… yes, making a difference one person at a time… walking through her pain to empower others!

Thanks Joyce Dixon, love your work!

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