Manufacturing your Passion


Good morning friends,

Julie Cross here back fresh from a workout, if I just waited ’til I did my hair, my makeup to come to you, I probably would never get round to it. Sometimes we’ve just got to take the passion when it shows up and go for it. So, tonight’s the night, it’s Adults Only live in Brisbane and Julie Cross Unplugged. And I just wake up so excited. I’m so excited to do what I do. I’m so excited that you trust me to do what I do and that you come along, you bring your friends. So thank you so much, we’ve got over 200 people probably in the room tonight.

You can get tickets at the door if you decide that you just want to pop in. But I just think about that excitement that I feel and the responsibility that I feel that I better bring it. But the excitement that I get in my stomach when I wake up and it’s show day, it’s like this, I can’t wait. And that’s, you know, 20 years I’ve been doing this and I still get that excited feeling and what Deepak Chopra calls that is your Dharma.

I’m in my Dharma, this is what I’m on this Earth to do and when I walk up on that stage, I feel like it’s just me and you in the room. And I know that this is what I’ve been sent for, this is what I am here to do, but as you know it didn’t start here and I started reflecting on that and thinking about when I was hairdressing. And so when I didn’t have that , that feeling, you make it show up. And there are times too where I’m tired or I’ve traveled somewhere and I feel a little bit exhausted before I walk up, and so you don’t wait for your passion to drop on you, you manufacture your passion. Passion’s a verb, it’s an action word. Love is a verb, it’s an action word.

So if I loved what I did, what energy would I show up with? If I was passionate about what I was doing, what energy would I bring to it? And then you bring that energy to it. So you don’t drive to work saying, “Oh, you know, I’m a bit demotivated today”, you know, arrive at work, “Wow, you know, the passion didn’t “drop on me this morning, it didn’t find me”. No, we say, well if I was passionate, what would my face look like? And you make your face look like that. If I was really loving my job, how would I approach my customers today? And you approach them like that. So, and then the energy catches up with you, and then the energy catches up with you. And when you become disciplined at bringing that energy and that passion to the stage that you’re on at the moment, that’s when life shows you the way to your Dharma.

That’s when one day you find what you’re here to do and suddenly you’re doing it and you have to work less at manufacturing the feeling. But you know, there’s gotta be some discipline. It’s a little bit like, I think your relationship with your job is a little bit like a relationship with a partner, you know, when you first start going out together it’s like, “Oh god, it’s so exciting!” You can’t wait to see them and the passion’s high and oh, the phone’s ringing, it might be them! Yeah, you’d have that real excitement. And when you first start a real job it’s like that too, it’s so exciting ’cause there’s all these new things to learn, you got the job, you’re excited, the passion’s high.

And then you’ve been in this relationship for a little while or you move in together and that’s still pretty exciting, you’ve just moved in together, oh, he left the toilet seat up, oh that’s okay, it doesn’t matter. And then you’ve been in the relationship for awhile and then you start getting tired and you start getting busy and it’s a little bit like that with work as well, and then suddenly the toilet seat being left up isn’t funny anymore, and that’s when the work begins. That’s when the feeling of passion and love doesn’t always just drop in or that lusty thing, that’s when you’ve gotta work at it, and it’s the same your relationship with your work.

That when the feeling goes, you’ve gotta now be disciplined, and this is when the work begins, this is when you have to start showing up and showing that you’ve got what it takes to be mentally strong and emotionally strong to bring the passion to it. So I am so excited about bring the passion to it on the stage tonight and seeing all of you, Adults Only, Kedron-Wavell in Brisbane. We’ve got a DJ starting the night off so there’s all the stuff that you can think that would make you feel emotionally well, there’s dancing, there’s singing, I’ve got a special guest opening the night for us. Thomas Kent’s gonna be in the room so he may be taking the stage too and so it’s going to be a great night, looking forward to all seeing you tonight at Kedron-Wavell, I’ll be the one in sequins!

Okay you guys, have a great day, see ‘ya!

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