Making Ripples

She wanted to dance but her ego/fear screamed, “No, sit down… what will people think”… but her soul/love whispered, “So, What does that matter, we just want to dance?”
She wanted to speak but her ego/fear screamed, “You can’t do that what if they don’t like what you say or nobody comes?” … but her soul/love whispered, “So what, speak your truth and if it is just one affected then the gift is for two…start there”


She wanted to write something but her ego/fear screamed, “Oh no don’t write that what if somebody says something negative?”… and her soul/love whispered, “So what, we write not to impress but to simply own our space and share our truth… whatever happens after that the Universe looks after”


She wanted to stand confidently and own her space and make a difference in the world but her ego/fear screamed, “Oh who do you think you are going to do that and who do you think you are anyway”… and finally her soul/love screamed back, “Ego and fear sit the hell down! For heavens sake, I know exactly who I am and I am here to BE my truth and have people hear my truth, and make a difference in the world, now get out of my way!”
And so she did and ripples were made that went on and on and on… and ego and fear became just a whisper in her life as her soul filled with life and love led the way!

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