Loving with Autism Update: Thomas got his ‘P’s

Hi friends

Julie Cross here.

So today something really special happened, and it’s something that’s special that happens in every parent’s life. And it’s already happened in my life once where my other son Jack got his ‘P’s, it was that moment … It’s one of those big moments it’s one of those touch points in life, where they’ve moved into another stage of adulthood, another stage of independence, and it’s something to be celebrated. But if you’re friends with Thomas Kent, on Facebook, you would already know that today something really special happened and Thomas got his ‘P’s. And what a journey that is, it’s such a celebration, but it’s such an emotional moment for us as a family because it’s such an important touch point. It’s a milestone that when you’ve got a little boy that couldn’t talk, and was just running around, and smashing in windows, and you couldn’t see a vision.

I mean, as a parent I found it hard to see the vision of what he could do. The tunnel was so dark and I couldn’t quite see the light. And so I guess that him getting his ‘P’s is one of those touch points in life where as a parent of a child with special needs, or with different needs, or with special abilities, or however you want to frame it, it’s one of those moments that for us it’s like a uni degree. It’s like, “We did it!” It’s an affirmation that of everything that I teach, an affirmation that you can walk to the beat of a different drum. That you can choose to believe in what you can see, you can believe in what you can see, and you can trust. And that people will show you, as a leader. That people will show you things in them that you will be amazed. You will be amazed. And I’m his greatest leader as his mommy, and there were times that I couldn’t see this possibility, but everything’s possible.

And so it is one of those defining moments in life where when I watched Thomas today having got his ‘P’s, it’s his second go and many people in the normal spectrum have second, or third, or fourths go, but to watch him so … His confidence is gone through the roof, he suddenly feels like he’s moved up into a new space in the world and that he’s earning that space. And we all feel like we’ve moved up with him and that he’s brought us up as well. And so to any parent out there, if you’re in a place where you can’t see the possibilities, believe in the possibilities because these children will surprise you, they will amaze you. You will be amazed and you will see that it was all worth it. So for the times that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel you know for sure that the light is there and they will take us to it. They will take us to it.

And there was a moment today where we went for the test and oh, I was a mess waiting for him and praying to all the Gods that are the Gods, any Gods that are there, let the Gods be there. “Please may the Gods be listening, please may [inaudible] be listening. Call forth all my angels today.” And then I was like, “Oh, you don’t need the angels Julie, you just need Thomas to do what he knows how to do. And whatever it will be it’ll be all right.” But anyway, that was easier to talk than it was to walk. But when he came back and the lady brought him back from the test, she came out and she said, “I’m just doing a debrief with Thomas and he doesn’t want you there.” And I’m going, “The fuck? What do you mean he doesn’t want me there? I’m his mother, of course I need to be there.” Apparently this was Thomas’ moment of also showing me that he’s an adult now. He actually doesn’t need me there, he’ll do the debrief on his own, thank you very much.

So I still don’t know at this point whether he’s got his ‘P’s or not. So I’m sitting out there watching this lady do all this and going, “Oh my God, he hasn’t got … Has he got it? Hasn’t he got it?” And then finally I go in and he goes, “Oh, I got it.” I’m like, “Oh, Lord! Praise the Lord. [inaudible] fantastic, congratulations.” But at that moment of him telling me, in his way, that, “Mom, I actually don’t need you in on this right now. I’ve got this.” So a wonderful moment today and I just wanted to share it with you because without every like and every comment that my tribe have given me in my darkest moments … Thank God for his big brother Jack, thank God for the men in his life. And you all know who you are. Our friends, his [Pas 00:00:05:09], [he poppies 00:00:05:10], his [Tony 00:00:05:11], his [Craig 00:05:12], these wonderful men. His uncles that have shown up in our lives, thank you so much.

And all of you that have commented, that have made friends with him, that have supported him, that he’s seen. Especially in these more adult years of you affirming the stories I tell about him and supporting him. I can’t tell you what it’s done to his confidence and helped him know who he is and know that he can do this stuff. And so a great touchpoint in our lives today, and I’m breathing out for a minute, but now he wants to go for a drive on his own. Fuck. So I’m breathing back in, but anyway we’ve got this, we’ve got this. And the angels are watching. So thank all of you for your support and anyone that’s on this journey, at the very beginning. Oh, just have hope. I hope I can be your beacon, and know that there’s, yeah, great possibility and great hope here. So thanks for being on this journey and Thomas has got his ‘P’s. Watch out people. Thomas is a ‘P’ driver. Yay. Thanks friends.

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