Loving with Autism: New Kids at School

As we celebrate Thomas becoming an Adult I can’t help but look back over some of the moments we have had… he has made us cry and he has challenged us and he has made us laugh and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Loving with Autism Update: Thomas is into giving me the Bad News and the Good News, I have no idea where he got it from but it goes something like this.. he is doing ‘Ag’ this term so looks after the animals at school.. so he comes home…


Thomas: Well Mum, I have got bad news…

Me: Well Thomas what is the bad news?

Thomas: Well, the guinea pig died today, and that guinea pig got buried and we won’t be seeing that guinea pig around here anymore!!
(me, trying not to laugh because it would be totally inappropriate to do so, and it really isn’t funny, but the way he said it!)

Thomas: And I have good news Mum…

Me: What’s the good news Thomas ( I can hardly wait!)

Thomas: Well I saw some baby guinea pigs being born today and they are so cute and now we have babies!

Me: Well, that is good news..

Thomas: And I have more good news..

Me: What is that..

Thomas: Well we have some new kids at school…

Me: Well that’s great…what are their names?

Thomas: They haven’t got names yet!

Me: Oh, do you mean you don’t know their names?

Thomas: No, we got some new baby goats so we have some new kids and they don’t have names yet.

And the good news is….I laughed and laughed and laughed….

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