Live the Moments!


The further I move forward in life and within the story that is my life, the more I can look back and see the gifts… and something my life has taught me is to really LIVE the moments…

Live the Moments!

If you have been to one of my SHOWS you will know that I talk about how I have learnt to live my life in moments. You see when my husband, Flash first had his stroke I couldn’t fathom how I would get through a day so I realised I didn’t have to… I just had to be in the moment and do that the best I could. Sometimes they were sad, devastated, angry moments and then eventually some that were better feeling moments, like grateful, hopeful and happy ones. Yes, they were better feeling moments. And then my girlfriends bought up some sparkle in a bottle, found some fun moments in there! Haha!

You see, I realised that nobody could give me a date on a calendar when my life would go back to the way it was, nobody could say to me, “Julie, this is the date when your husband will be better and life will go back to the way you knew it” So, knowing that, how long do I delay happiness for? So, I had the realisation that I had to find and make some happy moments along the way or my life was going to be miserable.

And then with Autism, do I delay happiness until Thomas stops being Autistic…well he won’t grow out of it! So best I find and create the happy moments on that journey too or it is going to be a long, tough road.

So, aside from bringing myself back to the moment and living there, I have also learnt how to have 10 min holidays….Sometimes they consist of me revisiting some delightful moments in my head… I relive a lovely memory and allow myself to totally go back there, to feel it, live it, love it and it feels so good to do that and puts you in a beautiful energy place for the moments that follow.

And then at other times they will be memories not yet made but perhaps visualisations that will in fact be future memories that lifts your energy and puts you in a great space too.

All we really ever have is the moment we are in, so live that!


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