Just Who Does She Think She Is?

Julie Cross

She is a sequin wearing, black bikini wearing almost 50 year old women who is a lover of life… she takes a fearless leap of faith knowing that sometimes she will fall and sometimes she will fly but she won’t ever regret having tried.

She is on a mission to instil ‘self-love’ and ‘normalise’ ageing and to remind everybody that we will all get ‘older’ but we can still love ourselves in the process and remember, that with it we get better, because your beauty is in your soul, it is your wisdom and it is your zest for life and your charisma…. and that is far beyond the clothes you wear and that wrinkle in your forehead.

She knows that to take the leap into the best of yourself you need to be courageous and bold enough to own your space in the world even when people will look at you and say… ‘Just who does she think she is?’

Oh she knows who she is and she wants to help people know who they are too…

Oh and she is going on tour! 😉


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