It’s February – Lets Do This!

It’s February already… Another year now well under way now, children are back at school, routines are falling back into place, and as we look to living and loving the year the best way we can these are some of the ways I can SHOW up for you… contact me directly, love to discuss how I can help you! 🙂

You know usually I don’t give time to the ‘negativity’ or the ‘jackasses’… but I am going to give them a minute, just to help others that may be affected by the negativity of others… which judging by the reactions I keep hearing and seeing, is a lot of people. 

Because you see when you own your space in this world and share your shining sparkle, it draws attention to you… the more exposure you get, the more exposed you are… now it draws attention from the people you help and the people that get you, applaud you and are on your side… but, don’t be mistaken, it will also get the attention of the others that are annoyed by your exposure, are vulnerable themselves, are jealous, are fearful etc etc, and they can then act like jackasses and say and do things that hurt you… and then do you know what a lot or people do… they turn down their sparkle, dull their light and run back into the dark where they don’t stand out from the crowd… and that is why I am writing this… don’t let these people have that much power over you and the truth is you will serve them better and all the people you are inspiring by having the courage and standing in your truth!!

I don’t do what I do, and share what I share trying to convert the people that don’t ‘get’ me… I have no time for that… I don’t spend time hating them, judging them or sending them nasty thoughts… they have a right to their opinion, damn shame they want to share it, 😉 but sometimes they do… I don’t see it as my job to convert them, I just love them (sometimes that takes some work, and they are dealing with their own stuff), and let them go…

I do what I do for the people that get it, and I do it for me, because this is my life and I have a right to live my truth, and in doing that I have discovered that it inspires others, thousands of others and that fills me up too. And every now and again you will discover that there was a person that was really annoyed by your light, and then went on to make the biggest positive changes in their life!

It is not easy to ignore the negativity, but I have had plenty of practice because I wear sequins! hehe

Please, please… when you are getting negativity it means you are at last having the courage to stand out instead of blend in… you just got noticed and that means there were those who were also inspired, focus on them and keep letting your light shine! 

PS. Before I remembered how to love myself enough, I did act like a ‘jackass’ on occasion myself!  


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