Embracing the Adventure

I left home at 16… or home kind of left me I suppose… and as a family we had moved at least 10 times… because you see my dad moved where the work was and I guess these days we think that would be terrible for our children, how would they cope with all that change… changes in schools, having to make new friends etc etc…

Well, I say Lucky me that my dad would do what it takes to find work and feed his family, lucky me I learnt that you work for what you get, you make stuff happen and don’t just expect it to show up without effort… lucky me that I learnt that change would not break me, in fact it would make me, lucky me I learnt that I could make friends wherever I lived…. this would all be the foundation that a big and exciting life would scaffold from… lucky me.

As I do my traveling around regional Queensland I notice that they are looking for fruit pickers in a lot of the Burnett region, I noticed that at the Winery (Dusty Hill Winery) we were at near Kingaroy they are advertising for staff. As we did the wine tasting we got chatting to the lovely lady who was our hostess and she talked to us about how she was int there travel industry in Brisbane (and we know where that is at for many now), she went to the Bush for a couple of days, met the owners of the Winery, had a Rose or two and then got offered a job… and so the adventure begins.

If I had lost my job with no immediate future, well I would be sending myself out bush… I would be saying to myself, it is time for an adventure, get off the couch, out your door, out of the neighbourhood, hell even leave town… go forth and make something happen, there are experiences to be had, people to meet, fun to be done and new jobs to learn… how exciting! And the thing is you just never know where these experiences will take you. It may feel a bit scary but that is where really living life begins… at the edge of that comfort zone! 

And this nurtures our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and this is living a big colourful life! I wish I had a couple more of me to send out to work and have some more adventures. 

And of you are weighing up what you get with job keeper… well remember it isn’t just about the money.. that t is about waking up your soul and spirit and filling your heart!

It is about really ‘living’ life!





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