Why does your team need to hear from a inspirational/motivational speaker?

I get so tired of hearing the messages that I share described as ‘fluff’, nice to hear but not necessary… ENOUGH! It is necessary!

Messages of personal development, self-leadership and inspiration are not fluff, these messages are the foundation!

We cannot build strong business’s on shaky foundations.

Until we get it right from within we will go without!

You will not have a successful business if your team aren’t inspired to own the ‘vision’ of what you’re creating… you will not grow your business if your team members don’t have the courage to ask for the sale and inspire people to do business with them!

I just received a booking for later in the year… they heard about me from somebody that heard me speak some 7 years ago and she told them my message was ‘life changing’ for her. And then this message a few days ago…

‘I first saw you present in 2008 (I think) and had the pleasure of seeing you 3 times present. Each time was amazing and each time life altering. You and your message have stuck with me.’

That was 10 years ago! These messages are more than just the fluff. 😉

Now stop eye rolling because this isn’t just about me pumping my tyres and giving myself a promo… lol… it is about supporting the mindset that we need to work on ‘people’ and not just processes, policies and procedures… after all it is the people that apply all of this.

And it is also about supporting the managers and leaders in their quest to motivate and inspire. So often when a message is affirmed by somebody else… even a message we have delivered before… well when it is affirmed by somebody outside of our organisation (or family!), well then we get it and also grow respect for those that have said it before!

Everybody wins.

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