A Day with Julie 2018

‘A Day with Julie’ 2018… that’s a wrap… But for me it was a day with 4 amazing ladies..

There was Kathy Peterson who came from Townsville, my friend of some 25 years… so often it is your friends and family that can be your greatest critics, so to have a close friend invest in spending a day with you and passionately affirm you and your message… well that is a great gift for sure. Kathy, you are one of the most generous, dedicated, fun and talented people I know… thank you for bringing you and your energy to our day.

And Melissa Hytch, coming from Rockhampton, having never heard me speak and trusting a friends recommendation to come and invest and spend time in you and for you. You brought your honesty, vulnerability and shared with courage and with your unique humour and straight talking. I loved getting to know you and so appreciate the way you connected with everybody in the room… thank you for bringing you and for trusting in me.

Cathryn Warburton, what an honour to have you in the room too. We have got to know each other in the ‘Professional Speakers’ room and here on FB so it was wonderful to go deeper both personally and professionally. Thanks for your generosity in sharing with everybody else in the group. Thank you to for being so open and for being so passionate about sharing yourself with others so you may lift them to success. I am so looking forward to you continue to find many stages to share your messages with.

And Mandy Brown, traveling form Sarina in North Queensland… thank you to for taking the time to invest in you. You are a bright and eclectic personality in a world that can often be a little beige. You have so much to offer the world and I look forward to you defining, refining and creating the way to bring it. You have a natural fearlessness and courage that many people are searching for.

So we shared, we storied, we walked, we found many different stages along the way… we laughed, we reflected, we supported, we took notes, we shared passions, goals and conversations… thank you all… I got so much out of spending time with you all and feel honoured to have had you in my space and my place.

We have a date for next year if anybody is interested. Bookings and tickets below.

Date: 4 February 2019
Location: Suttons Beach Park 
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