Hello fear, I see you, I feel you…

hello fear

I have a son ‘Living with Autism’, and we accept that if there is a label it must be real and must come with challenges, but I get surprised sometimes by how many of us are ‘Living with Fear’. Not a recognised disorder, no medication prescribed, but can most certainly immobilize people and prevent them from living their best and brightest life!

Do you know there will be new friends not made, songs not sung, dances not danced, dreams not realised and goals not achieved, there will be laughs not laughed, questions not asked, speeches not made, plans not laid, there will be parties not attended and rooms not entered there will be opinions not stated and status updates not written, there will be sales not achieved and jobs not applied for, there will be hairstyles never tried and sequins never worn, there will sex not had, love not experienced, there will be poems never penned and be places not travelled, there will be adventures not had…

And at the end of life we will not say, ‘I am so glad I never got on the dance floor that night or I am so glad I never travelled to India like I always wanted too or I am so glad I never lived my ‘Y’’

What are we scared of? Really? What?

Next time fear stops by, let’s go to the mirror and look at it and say to ourselves,

“Fear, I see you, I feel you but I am moving through you, because what I think of myself is far more important than what other people think and I have one life to live and I am not getting out of here alive, so get that hell out of my way because I got some living to do!”

Go for it and show fear courage and let your life shine!

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