Loving with Autism – First week of Thomas Kent Can

Hello everybody, thank you all for liking my Thomas Kent Can page and for supporting me. 

I just want you to know that in my first full week at my new business I made $431.30!

I have been washing cars, cleaning windows, mowing lawns, collecting cans and being my Mums driver and taking her to the airport. Oh and I also did a morning trial at a coffee shop.
I will be following up everybody else who has messaged me to organise my next couple of weeks, thank you for being patient with me as I get more organised. Mum helps me with organising and learning to do some of the jobs well so you will be happy with my work.

Today I met two dogs that I am going to be walking everyday for the next week.

Thank you again for helping me, supporting me and showing people what ThomasKentCan do. #thomaskentcan

And a video update from my Mum!

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