Get Your Feet On The Ground And Your Ego In Check

Rolleston Mine

Truth is not every event is the standing ovation event and sometimes it’s not even close!!

And so on those stages you get a chance to check in with your ego…

Me: Well that was a challenge!

Universe: Why what’s your problem?

Me: Well didn’t you notice that about 1/4 of the room didn’t get me??

Universe: Oh really… well how about you dry your eyes princess and get your big girl panties on and follow your own freaking advice!!

Me: Wow… bit harsh don’t you think???

Universe: No… actually I don’t think… how about instead of you talking about the ones that didn’t get it you focus on those that did… how about you focus on all those deep conversations after you spoke where they felt compelled to come and share their pain, their journey and their stories with you? Because that is why you where here tonight … did you not get that??

Me: Geez… you are being kind of harsh.. where is your usual sense of humour ?

Universe: Well it is there and it’s intact but you really needed a moment to remember that just because you don’t get all of the people doesn’t make you wrong.. and do what you didn’t get your big usual applause?? Every now and again every one and their ego needs a reminder to step down … and tonight you got it!! Think about all the musicians and singers in pubs that take there stages and give it all they have and nobody stops their conversations long enough to applaud and yet they sing on… and then think about the workers at supermarkets, cafes and restaurants… think about the nurses and teachers … people doing their jobs everyday… no standing ovations and applause… well not usually … I mean come on…

Me: Ohhhkayyyy… no need to be do narky… I think I got it.

Universe: Good… so know for sure who needed to get it got it… you have still got it for those that need to get it… life will take you on all different stages for all different reasons and sometimes it will be just to remind you to get your feet on the ground and your ego in check, and to remember to practice what you preach! ?

Thanks to Rolleston Mine and the people that make it work! Loved and learnt from my time with you all!! And I really did get to meet the best people …have some of the greatest conversations… and some of those people are right here… and I make the most of that! ?

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