Conversation with the Universe: Meditation

Been a while since I really have had a strong conversation with the Universe… and this morning I was reading, put my book down and looked at the sun creating this spotlight on the ocean and I said to myself…

Me: It has been a while since I meditated. Like consciously meditated.
Universe: Yes, it has and I have missed you.

Me: But I have been having a good time!
Universe: Oh yes you have, I have delighted in seeing you living the width, depth and breadth of your life… however …

Me: Here we go… yes?
Universe: Well in all the Doing, you always still have to make the time to just BE… so, you tell me why you suddenly have a yearning to meditate.

Me: Well I have been cussing a bit lately over small stuff.
Universe: Yes… and…

Me: I did scrape my car twice in a day because my mind was elsewhere… that farking pole!
Universe: Yep… saw that and it’s got nothing to do with the pole, but you know that, you just forgot… and…

Me: Ok, I have also hit my head, had a couple of cold sores and been a little out of whack emotionally…
Universe: Oh and let’s not forget the tantrum over your cold coffee the other day.

Me: Are you right!? Surely I have a right to expect hot bloody coffee at $5 a pop! But you are right… the reaction didn’t match the situation … all signs I am a little out of balance.
Universe: Yes… and you know what happens when you ignore the signs… yep you will get bigger signs!

Me: Ok… I am coming home for a visit … reset and recharge… breathe in, breathe out… repeat.
Universe: We are always here whenever you are ready… a soft place to fall and always conspiring in your favour …

Me. I am going to meditate in and on that!

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